Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saved from the Funk (Hydrosol)

It's Wednesday afternoon. 80 degrees with 61% humidity.....I have less than 10 minutes to spare, to run down the hill 3 blocks and through the state capitol bldg to catch a shuttle back to my building.
10 minutes before:
Do I choose a graphite pencil, medium, soft or hard charcoal w/ peel away sharpening, or a plain charcoal pencil... ooh, look at these... what is this? What is graphite anyway? "Writes like a pencil but dark like chacoal...." I mulled over several erasers as well..... OMG...I snatch a medium charcoalpeel pencil and a gray kneading eraser..... it's 12:46!!!
I have 9 minutes..... I run ( which wouldn't be described assuch) down the way. I pass a few carefree citizens who have formed a horizontal line across the side walk. UGH! When you're in a rush, no one else is. I am in no shape or form or prepared to even remotely run down the 3 blocks, but I put my best foot forward - which is my left. .. and glide around the barricade of people enjoying the nice weather.
Upon block three, at the last moment I decide to vacate all plans to run through the "basement" (concourse) of the Plaza and take a sharp left down a steep hill, turn into a bend, which is the mouth of the bus turn-around, and through a tunnel where a state trooper happens to be waiting. I ignored the fact that I possibly could get a pedestrian ticket for going through this tunnel. I perspire more but, I make my shuttle!!
I can relax...... or can't I? I made it, but has my deodorant? I am perspiring like crazy and I'm not feeling so fresh.....The light bulb went off. When I am back at my cubicle I reach into my tote for my homemade body elixer! My trusty, loyal hydrosol blend!

What are Hydrosols?
Hydrosols are the distillate product left over during the process of producing steam distilled Essential Oils.

What are the benefits of Hydrosol?
Hydrosols are non-abrasive and not irritating to the skin. Although hydrosols are not as concentrated as essential oils they still hold the essential oils therapeutic properties.

How can I use hydrosol?
Many artisans use hydrosols in water-based cosmetic products and for non-toxic linen sprays. My favorite ways of using them are for an after work-out body refresher (when a shower isn't nearby), hair moisturizing mist or a scent mist to keep on my desk at work.

How do I make hydrosols? Where can they be purchased?
In order to make potent safe hydrosols you would need special steam distilling equipment and be knowledgeable in Herbology. I for one do not make my own hydrosols nor essential oils. One place I do recommend, although it can be a bit costly is Try searching the net for hydrosols and I'm sure you will stumble upon several others as well.

Could you please share a recipe?

1 Part Rose Hydrosol
1 Part Lavender
3 Parts Witch Hazel Hydrosol
1 part distilled water
A splash of Isopropyl Alcohol
(optional - mixture should be refridgerated)
tsp jojoba
6 - 10 drops of your favorite essential oil (excluding citrus' & almond eo's- can cause skin damage due to photosensitivity. Mints should not be used on the face.)

Do You have another recipe?
Why not. We all as woman have gone a bit too far and shaves a bit too much and a bit too low. When it grows back! YOUCH!
3 Parts Witch Hazel Hydrosol
1 Part chamomile
1 Part Floral Hydrosol (rose, lavender or something else)
1 part distilled water
A splash of Isopropyl Alcohol (optional - mixture should be refridgerated)
tsp jojoba
3 drops patchouli
2 - 3 drops tea trea oil

Shake and pour liquid onto a cotton ball or what I like to use, dry cotton pads.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pre-Holiday Discount.

From now until November 16th our retail customers will be offered a 15% discount on their entire order. Just add the code PREHOL08 for your savings. In addition a flat rate of $5.00 will be offered for standard shipping.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A 15% discount is still being offered on your entire order for the remaining month of August! The code is AUG08 and it will expire on the 31st of this month! Right in time for those turnining back to school!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August - Wholesale Accounts.


I am very near to landing my second wholesale account! This is TRULY a blessing. On top of the that, my first wholesale account has just placed another order for the Babassu Shea Monoi Nude Bars that have sold out of their retail location. The Babassu Shea Monoi has been one of my favorite soaps since I started making it early spring. I pray everyday that my 7 year old comes home filthy with sand in his hair so I can wash it with the bar. I plan on implementing some of my new marketing strategies to land a few more accounts.